“ACE Apotheek” (ACE Pharmacy) is an independent department within the pharmaceutical company ACE Pharmaceuticals. “ACE Apotheek” is registered as a community pharmacy in the pharmacist’s register of the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate.

We are focused on the supply of unlicensed medicine. We take care of the distribution of unlicensed medicines of ACE Pharmaceuticals, ARTECEF and Orphan Drugs NL.

ACE Pharmaceuticals is member of the ACE-group, together with ARTECEF (tropical medicines) and Orphan Drugs NL (orphan drugs). All production activities are performed by ACE Pharmaceuticals under its manufacturer’s license and with full respect for GMP. Sister companies ARTECEF and Orphan Drugs NL take care of the distribution of their own specific medicines (in Europe). Since 2011 we supply our non-licensed medicines through “ACE Apotheek” in the Netherlands.



We do our best to make and keep available medicines with a focus on medical need products. We do this by manufacturing medicines at our site located in Zeewolde, the Netherlands or import medical need products from other European countries.

We supply unlicensed medicine based on the regulatory requirements within a specific country. If required, we obtain permission from the national authorities. ACE does not supply directly to patients.

Pharmacy registration

Registered pharmacist for ACE Apotheek, the Netherlands, is J.W. Popma, MSc.